Seventy Eight Years Ago Today, My Father Was Born


My father is the greatest human being to live on the earth.  Maybe not to you, maybe not to everyone, but he is the greatest human being to walk the earth as far as I am concerned.

Growing up, I watched him go to school to better himself and get a Masters Of Business Administration at night so he could get a better career to take care of his family.

As we were growing up, my brother and I had very few things that we missed out on.  Nothing that I can think of.  My father was there, every step of the way.  Was always at sporting events and school events.  Was always cheering us on no matter what we did.

As we grew older, we both grew rebellious.  Me more so than my brother, but my father continued to love us and treat us very well.

When I grew up, I wanted to be a father.  I wanted to be as good a father as my father had been to my brother and I.

I know I’m not the same decent father that my father is, but I try.  Very hard.  But it’s a very high bar that my father set for my brother and I. 

Anyway, I love my father very much.  I’m SO happy that I get to enjoy him still to this day.


Happy 78th birthday Dad.  I love you.  I’m trying to be as good a father and person as you are and always have been.  I promise.