Apple Music better on Android than on iPhone XR

I have an iPhone XR. I used it for quite a while, and use it extensively (hands free) with CarPlay when in my car.
I also have an Apple Music subscription. But they don’t play well together. Normally, I should be able to use the following command to play a song from Apple Music:

Hey Siri, play Hurricane by the Band of Heathens.

But the iPhone tells me that I need to be connected to wifi or cellular data in order to make that happen. The trouble is, I *am* connected to cellular data when issuing the command.

I also have an Google Pixel 2 XL, which is an Android phone. My car also has Android Auto built in, as well as Carplay.

I issue the command:

Hey Google, ask Apple Music to play Hurricane by the Band Of Heathens.

Starts playing immediately.

I just find it interesting that Apple Music plays better with an Android phone than an iPhone.