The potential seduction of the Dark Side

I’ve used a PC since 1983. I’ve used every version of Windows, personally and professionally, since Windows 3.1.

I used to carry a laptop to and from work, until it died an untimely death. Now I use a desktop both at home and at work.

I’ve wanted to go back to using a laptop for quite a while now. I’m not one of those people who upgrades their computer every year. My desktop at home is four years old, and my desktop at the office is even older.

But, recently, Apple introduce new computers based on their own architecture. From reading the reports, the machines are quite fast.

The Macbook Air, which is the lowest level laptop that they sell, is $999. It weighs less than five pounds. By contrast, my previous laptop weighs at least eight, maybe nine pounds.

The battery life on the Macbook Air is somewhere North of six to seven hours. My laptop (which is at least 9 years old) gets no battery life. When it did get battery life, it lasted for maybe two hours.

Most of the work I do now is in the browser, or via Remote Desktop into a Windows machine.

I’m sorely tempted to get a Macbook Air because the portability would be awesome.

Also, if we do move into a Tiny Home down the road, I think we would both switch to using laptops, to save space. This would be a good step forward toward that goal of consolidating my computer equipment.

Also, I am hoping that 2021 will allow Laurie and I to travel a bit more. Having a good laptop for travels would be an excellent bonus.

We shall see. Gotta save those pennies and hope that 2020 doesn’t kill my business. In 2021, we shall see. I may move my computer usage to the Dark Side.