Tiny houses and THOWs

After spending our second mini vacation in three years at the Tiny House Village in Leavenworth, Washington, I think I have come to the realization that while I want a tiny house, I don’t want a THOW (tiny house on wheels). THOWs are for people who want to move around with their tiny house. It is also for people who can deal with stairs or a ladder to get into their bedroom. Which is fine for today, but when I get old (ok, older), I won’t necessarily want to have to climb stairs to get to my bedroom, at least that is my thinking at this point.

If I wanted one of those, I would look into getting a small Class C motorhome.

What I really would like, after much deliberation within my brain, is a small house. Three bedrooms (Master, office, and second office/spare bedroom for Laurie). I would like a bathroom with a walk in shower. I would like a medium size living room, medium size kitchen and a three car garage. On about 5 acres of land. Far enough away from people that I’m not bothered, but close enough to civilization that I can get high speed internet and UPS deliveries.

Very difficult to come by on the west side of the mountains in Washington state. Maybe down the road. But I really believe, as much as I love the THOW concept, it isn’t for us.

I think we will continue to go to Leavenworth Tiny House village (and hopefully next year Mount Hood Tiny House Village), but I don’t think it is a long term solution for us.