People are Funny

I was at the gas station the other day, filling my wife’s car up with gasoline. Normally, I just get gas at the local Costco, but because she works for Safeway, after a certain amount of spending, we get a discount off the gasoline if you buy it from Safeway. So since we had $1/gallon off, I decided to take her car and get gas at the local Safeway that has a gas station attached.

So I get there, I get out of the car and start pumping gas. In the next aisle, a gentleman pulls in, gets out of his car and starts pumping as as well.
He looks at me and in a friendly manner says ‘Look like you’ve had an operation!’

I think to myself “You have no idea”

I said “Yes, I’ve had a few.” I go on for a few minutes while the cars are gassing up to explain my hydrocephalus story, and he says at the end ‘Wow. You’ve been through a bit.”

I laughed and said “You have no idea. I was diagnosed almost five years ago with terminal colon cancer. Declared ‘in remission’ about 2 years ago.”

He said “Wow. I lost my dad to cancer just about three weeks ago” (Keep in mind, this guy was probably in his late sixties, early seventies).

I explained that my dad had been diagnosed with B-Cell lymphoma shortly after I had been diagnosed, and he had passed away in January of 2020. I also explained (which I have told other people the same thing) that I wished my dad was still here healthy, even if it meant I was still fighting cancer.

He said “Your father would be proud of you, and the fact that you are willing to discuss your story with people. It gives them hope.”

Never thought of it that way. Just thought, well, you asked me about the scars on the side of my head, I’ll explain my story.

Anyway, it was a feel good little meeting. We shook hands (Covid be damned) and I thanked him and we went about our way.