Ghost of Jerry Pournelle

A few years ago, there was a magazine called Byte. Which had a columnist whose name was Jerry Pournelle. Jerry wrote many science fiction books, but also wrote a column for Byte magazine.

Jerry had a saying “I do these things so you don’t have to.” Which referred to installing beta software, and playing with hardware before anyone else, to try them out so that he could tell people what he thought and experienced, so they didn’t have to do that.

I’m much the same way, although to a lesser extent. For probably the last four years, every year that Apple has released a new developer beta for their phone, I would install it on my main phone. Why? Well, two reasons. 1) I’m crazy, and I do these things so you don’t have to and 2) I have an Android phone that I can drop back to if things go too haywire.

Thankfully, they haven’t gone haywire for me.

This year, IOS 17 developer beta 1 has been released. Unlike previous years, you have to have a developer account with Apple to install it.

So, I signed up to be a developer with Apple. Paid my $99 for the privilege, and installed beta 1 on my main phone.

Very few glitches. I don’t see a lot new at this point, but, it’s pretty stable SO FAR.

I don’t recommend you do the same. Because, like I said, I’m crazy. You probably are not.

More as I see what I see.