22nd Annual Edmonds Classic Car Show

Today in Edmonds, there was a very large car show.  The 22nd annual Classic Car Show.

Lots of cars.  Lots of people.

Some interesting things I saw:

  • A Delorean, well preserved or well restored
  • A prototype electric Jaguar.  With door handles that pull out automatically when you approach the car with they key (I wonder where they came up with that idea? (Tesla)
  • A couple Ferraris
  • A 1986 Honda Prelude, which made me think of my friend Jenny Gleason Howard, who had a Prelude when we worked together.


The link to the photo gallery is above.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  Last car show for the year I think. Next week starts high school women’s soccer and pee-wee football (if I can find the field).  Hopefully I will have a couple high school senior shoots as well, and a family that we used to live near might want a family session.  We shall see.  Keeps me out of trouble.

European Theater Day 2018

There is a gentleman who you may of heard of by the name of Paul Allen.

He has a museum in Everett, Washington called The Flying History and Air Combat Museum.

Mr. Allen has purchased and restored a large number of World War II aircraft, and tanks, and today, there was a European History day where a number of those planes flew.

Mr. Allen has had these planes meticulously restored, and they fly.  You will not very often (if ever) see this group of aircraft fly, at least in the Pacific Northwest.

I enjoy photography.  It keeps my mind off my cancer.  I like airplanes, as long as I don’t have to fly in them.

Oh!  There were also TANKS!  Firing tanks!

It will be interesting to see if this event continues now that commercial flights will be taking off from Paine Field in the near future.

So I went up to experience this event for myself today. I found out a few things.

The museum collection is huge.  It was very well attended.

Photographing flying aircraft is difficult.  It requires decent reflexes and decent equipment.  I don’t have the greatest reflexes.  But you work with what you have.  I think I did a decent job.  I hope you enjoy the photos.  It was a fun day, even if I forgot to wear my hat and got sunburned. LOL

European Theater Day September 1st, 2018