Superchargers and Tesla

I’ve written a bit lately about the Tesla Superchargers.

Today, Tesla laid off almost the entire Supercharger team, including the VP who was in charge of Supercharging.

This was after most (if not all) automakers had decided to switch their charging ports (in 2025) to the Tesla connector.

Many OEMS commented that their contacts for this process, who worked at Tesla, are now non-existent.

I’m confused, as many others are in the industry. I don’t know what to make of this.

Hopefully we will get more clarification in the coming days and weeks. It’s a bad look for Tesla, given that they want/need to collaborate with the other OEMs to complete this conversion process.

Once the conversion process is done, Tesla stands to make a large chunk of change from charging, because, frankly, the Supercharger network, to this point, outshines Electrify America, EvGo, and any other charging provider out there. They have the biggest reach. They have the best uptime percentages.

Confusion and disappointment at this point, especially for those ~500 people who lost their jobs today.