Android versus iPhone

This post is mainly for me, so that when I consider switching, I can look at it and see where the pain points are (at least for me)

Everything works for me on both platforms.


– iMessages and FaceTime are proprietary, so I have to remember to turn off
– In CarPlay, for whatever reason, the phone responds more consistently than Android Auto
– WhatsApp backs up to iCloud, so if I go back to Android, I lose the messages in WhatsApp, even though they are backed up.
Haven’t found a way to back up to Google Cloud instead,at least on iPhone.


– I can originate and reply to text messages in the browser. This is both a good thing and a bad thing.
Bad because it is a security risk. Good, because I am most frequently at my computer, and it makes it
very easy/convenient to reply to text messages. This is the main feature that brings me back to Android.
– In Android Auto, my phone frequently doesn’t respond to ‘Hey, Google.’ Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.
Inconsistent. Mostly works, but when it doesn’t it’s a major pain, as I rely on it when I am in the car.
– WhatsApp backs up to Google Drive, so I can’t restore if I move back to iPhone.

For now, I’ve decided (painfully) to stick with iPhone. For now.