Apple Music better on Android than on iPhone XR

I have an iPhone XR. I used it for quite a while, and use it extensively (hands free) with CarPlay when in my car.
I also have an Apple Music subscription. But they don’t play well together. Normally, I should be able to use the following command to play a song from Apple Music:

Hey Siri, play Hurricane by the Band of Heathens.

But the iPhone tells me that I need to be connected to wifi or cellular data in order to make that happen. The trouble is, I *am* connected to cellular data when issuing the command.

I also have an Google Pixel 2 XL, which is an Android phone. My car also has Android Auto built in, as well as Carplay.

I issue the command:

Hey Google, ask Apple Music to play Hurricane by the Band Of Heathens.

Starts playing immediately.

I just find it interesting that Apple Music plays better with an Android phone than an iPhone.

Video meetings

Everybody it seems is using Zoom now to do online video meetings. I’d never used it until today, when a former classmate set up a Zoom meeting for our class from 1984 to get together for a virtual ‘drink hour.’

Except Zoom failed miserably. It seemed to change passwords, and not allow people to log in successfully, and it just didn’t work well.

Thankfully, I had set up a Jitsi server ( as a test, because I had read so much about Zoom’s security issues, I wanted to see if there was an alternative that I could use for my own ‘online video meetings.’

That worked, after a few little hiccups.

It was nice to reconnect with Erica Webber, Jack Govern, Leslie Bray, Loralee Trujillo-Cortese, Mark Jensen, and Tim , who I don’t actually think was in our class.

But I’m old, I probably forgot him.

Thanks guys. Was nice catching up.