Travel dreams

For the last few weeks, I’ve occasionally had weird dreams about travel.

– A few weeks ago, I had a dream that Laurie and I somehow got on a flight to France. Where, when we landed, we did not have passports, and couldn’t get back to the United States. How did we get on the flight without a passport? Or tickets? Who knows….

– Last night, I had a dream that I was taking the train to Boston, to meet my brother. For some reason, I only had a carry on, which had a few clothes, my laptop and my camera. I stowed my carry on, but remembered I needed to go back to my car to make sure it was locked. So I left the train. While I was gone, the train left the station, with my clothes, my laptop, and my camera.

These dreams tell me a few things.

1) Travel only domestically.
2) Don’t travel by train, or plane.
3) I’m just crazy.