Northwest C10 show

2020 has been quite the year for car shows. 99% of the have been cancelled.

But this morning, I got up early and drove to Olympia to the 2020 Northwest Chevrolet C10 show at Cricket Field.

Lots of trucks. Lots of “other” cars/trucks as well. People were distanced, but friendly. Good time had by all.

Nice to get out and see friendly faces. I’ve been to shows where people aren’t very friendly (ahem, Corvette owners, I’m looking at you), but this show, like my favorite show, the Jeep Show at XXX Drive-In in Issaquah, these people were very friendly.

A few photos you might enjoy.

2020 C10 Show

Android versus iPhone

For the past several years, after the demise of my beloved Lumia 1520 phone which ran Windows 10 Mobile, I have been using an iPhone. But it isn’t really my favorite, given some of the issues I have had, both with it’s usage of iCloud and just some other random weirdness.

For the past month, I have been using a Galaxy Note 8, which is an Android phone. It does almost everything that the iPhone does, minus two things. Plus, it allows me to do text messaging from my computer. Which I can do on the iPhone, but only if I have a Mac. Which I do not have.

It’s been an experience making the switch. Because I had used iPHone for so long, many of my contacts only sent me messages using iMessage. So I had to deregister my iMessage which was tied to my phone number.

For me, it’s been working almost flawlessly, and I am 95% sure I will stay with the Android platform.

Time will tell.