Leavenworth, Washington Superchargers

On Sunday, Laurie and I drove over to Leavemworth, Washington for the night. We stayed in a AirBNB rental we have stayed in before. It’s very close to everything in town, and we could walk and shop and walk and eat.

Because I am interested in always checking out the Supercharger situation, I found Tesla Superchargers within walking distance of our AirBNB.

Sixteen 150KW Superchargers. Very close to a McDonalds (walking distance), which has food (obviously) and rest rooms. It’s also within walking distance of shopping. So, theoretically, you could charge your Tesla here and shop while you charge.

Unfortunately, they are not MagicDock enabled, so only Teslas will be able to charge here. It is possible that Ford F-150 Lightning and Mach E customers would be able to charge here, provided they had the Ford provided adapter. As we were driving an ICE car, I was unable to confirm this.

Once again, it would be nice to see these in locations that are covered. Especially in Leavenworth, which gets snow in the wintertime, and rain the other nine months of the year.

Also, it would be nice to see trash cans and squeegees for cleaning your windshield.

But it was nice to see there were sixteen superchargers ready and available.