The Cult of iPhone

I’ve been an iPhone user for quite a few years. But I also have dabbled in the Android world. I’ve tried, many times, to leave the Cult of iPhone, because for me, there are quite a few benefits to Android that are (IMO) better than iPhone.

So why do I stay with the iPhone?

Three reasons:

1) IMessage
2) Facetime
3) CarPlay

1 – I have five kids. Four of whom have iPhones. So, communicating with them securely, using iMessage is a no brainer. Do we need to have secure communications? Probably not. But it’s a secondary level of protection.
2 – I have five kids. Four of whom have iPhones. Two of whom have children (my grandchildren). Being able to see them, especially when one of them is far away, is indispensable. Yes, I could use Zoom. But FaceTime is built in.

3 – I spend an inordinate amount of time in the car. CarPlay is something that makes using my phone in the car (HandsFree mind you) a breeze, and it works so much better than Android Auto. I’ve tried to love Android Auto, but it has so many quirks as compared to CarPlay that it is difficult to use, at least in my usage case.

On September 7,2022, Apple will announce their new iPhones. I have an older iPhone, and look forward to the possibility of upgrading my phone to a newer, larger model. We shall see what the rumors and the reality shows us on Wednesday.