Security Cameras

I recently set up security cameras at my house, and had a neighbor ask about them, so I thought I would write a post about them.

I looked for quite a while for some good security cameras. You can never be too safe anymore. I looked at the Nest cameras from Google, but their support costs were outrageous. I look at a few others, then I came upon the Wyze Camera.

HD color, and they have night vision as well. I can view the cameras remotely on my iPad or my iPhone, and the quality is crystal clear. Additionally, they can take thirty two gig micro-SD cards that will allow them to keep a long, long amount of footage, plus 12 second clips that get kept on the web for free.

I bought these housings to keep the cameras from getting wet – Wyze camera housing, they work great.

I don’t have any outside electrical outlets, so I ordered these, Long USB power cords which allow me to string back to where I do have an electrical outlet in the garage.