Trip Over North Cascades

Laurie and I took a trip yesterday and today to Winthrop over the North Cascades Highway. We stayed at a little place in Winthrop for the night, walked through Winthrop, through the shops and bought a few little things. Then when we headed back over to Western Washington, we went through Leavenworth over Highway 2 home.

Good times.

A few notes from the trip:

– 100 degrees in Eastern Washington is blissful. Not opppressive like it is on the west side.
– We were in a tshirt shop in Winthrop yesterday and an older woman came in and I was trying to look at her shirt.
She looked at me funny, and I said “I’m just trying to read your shirt. Not look at your boobs.” She laughed and said she thought I was looking at her love handles. She was probably 72.
– I walked out of a rest area rest room and a guy looked at me and said “I like your shirt.” I thanked him, told him it was more appropriate on the East side of the state than the west side. He then proceeds to ask me if I know if 9mm ammunition is in short supply. He is having problems finding any to purchase. I explained that there is a shortage due to the Covid-19 pandemic shutting the factories down. He said “OK. It’s not just me then. That’s good. I was thinking I was going crazy.”
– I went out this morning to put bags in the car. I was immediately accosted by two dogs who needed to be pet. I guess I was outside so long that Laurie had to come out and find me. Oops.

Here are a few things I found on our trip.

A porta potty we found after driving a few too many miles in the wrong direction yesteday. Laurie was quite excited.

This is a speed test on my phone, through the Wifi available at the hotel. I think they were using a dial up connection.