Rudolph – The Tiny House Experience

I believe the tiny house experience was a roaring success.

We found that we could live in a tiny space.
We found things we would need to change in order for that to work, but it is doable.
We loved where the tiny house was located, on a small ‘lake’ in a Thousand Trails campground.

Will we go tiny moving forward?

Great question.

I priced out a tiny house that would work for us. $114,000. Including delivery.

I want it to be on a piece of land, maybe 5-10 acres in size. So add $50-$100k above the $114k price. Plus the cost to install utilities.

Might not be a feasible idea. But, it was a grand experiment, and I believe we will be back. I’d like to go back for a week or so. Mainly because it would be nice to relax for a week and not have to worry about anything, including rushing back to ‘civilization.’

Probably next year. We shall see.

I do recommend this place. Was a great experience and a quiet getaway.

Leaveworth Tiny House Village Leavenworth, WA