Ocean Shores Superchargers

So Laurie and I spent 3+ days in Ocean Shores, Washington recently, and one of the things I wanted to do was find the Tesla Superchargers.

I found them. They are in the back parking lot for the Ocean Shores Convention Center.

There are eight superchargers. They are in the back parking lot. They aren’t covered. It doesn’t appear that there is lighting. Amenities are sparse. There is an IGA grocery store fairly close, and there is a pizza place called ‘The Pizza Factory’, which is really good. But there are no bathrooms that I could see.

Folks, if we want people to utilize charging infrastructure, we need to make it convenient. We need to make it accessible to everyone, and that means making it well lit, and covered, in my opinion.

I wouldn’t want my wife to come to this location to charge a car at night. It might be a safe area, but it’s not lit, and it’s not covered.

I really hope that we see future sites that have canopies and lighting, making it safer for folks to charge in safety and peace.